Come Trick or Treating With Us

I’m looking forward to an evening of trick or treating. Join us, won’t you? This has been a stellar Halloween season; I hope you agree. If you haven’t yet, please listen to the episode on the Slender Man. I’ll be around on Twitter @HalloweenHauntFacebook and Google+. And of course, where you will find all the episodes.

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The Slender Man

One of the oldest legends…or one of the newest? Could he be real? Tell me what you think at Join us all year on Facebook, Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and Google+.

Wikipedia has much on the Slender Man. KnowYourMeme  speculates on precursors. The Slender Man has his own wiki. The CreepyPasta wiki has a Slender Man section.


“Not as it Seems” by Kevin Macleod (

“Slow Ticking Clock” by Kevin Macleod (

“Hellfire Club” by Tony Longworth from “Halloween Home Haunts (Original Soundtrack)”
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“Aftermath” by Kevin Macleod (

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“Dead Man’s Hate” by Robert E. Howard

A strictly scary poem by the master of fantasy, Robert E. Howard.  The Halloween Haunt is on Google+, Facebook and on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. Find more haunting poetry and prose at

Read the poem for yourself (scroll down a bit).


“Shadows” by Sam Haynes from the album “Welcome to the Horror Show Music for Halloween 2013”

“Movement Proposition” by Kevin Macleod (

“Hex (soundtrack mix)” by Sam Haynes from “Spine Chillers–Horror music for Halloween”

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Halloween in Japan

Travel with the Halloween Haunt to Japan and see how they celebrate. Tell us your Japanese Halloween experiences at Also join us on Twitter @HalloweenHauntGoogle+ and on Facebook.

Learn more from a personal view of Halloween in Japan from, another from, and from


“From a Peace to an Inn Fight” by Gyügyei “Grifion” Gábor (from

“Final Count” by Kevin Macleod (

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Kort on Twitter (@Vosboss00) wanted to know the history of those scary guardians of skyscrapers, and so did I.   Join the social media craze with the Halloween Haunt on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. All of the episodes are at

Wikipedia has much information, as does


“Requiem” by Roger Subirana (from

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“One Summer Night” by Ambrose Bierce

Don’t let the season mentioned in the title fool you; this is no beach romp. You’ll find more stories and poems at  If you’d like more Halloween, join me on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt , Google+ and Facebook.

One note–I edited the story a bit, to remove what I felt were unflattering ethnic stereotypes.

Read the original story.


“Industrial Music Box,” “Dopplerette” and “Moonlight Hall” by Kevin Macleod (

“Retreat Down the Long Haul” by euphoreador (from

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All this time I’ve been presenting programs and I’ve never focused on poltergeists? Luckily, Robin on Facebook reminded me. Find more information on ghosts and spirits at The Halloween Haunt is on Google+ and on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt.

Wikipedia explains the phenomenon. has the signs of a poltergeist for you to refer to when you are in need.


“Ghost House (Fettdog remix)” by Sam Haynes from the album “Welcome to the Horror Show Music for Halloween 2013”

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