Horrifying and Hilarious Horror Hosts

Before there were 2,500 channels and nothing on, we thrilled to late night hosts of horror movies on television. A quick overview, as suggested by Nathan on the Halloween Haunt Facebook page. Also at Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com.

Wikipedia has a lot of information on horror hosts, including Vampira and Elvira, and all of the others mentioned on the episode.


“Alien Seduction” by Liquid Loops (from GarageBand.com)

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8 thoughts on “Horrifying and Hilarious Horror Hosts

  1. I seem to recall a security guard acting as a late night host decades ago for some Toronto station. I think his show was called The Night Owl. But I better recall a TV newsman for a Buffalo station who use to do afternoon monster movies which were mostly Godzilla movies. This was before stations ran cartoons in the afternoon. There was another reporter for the same station that did a children’s program weekday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

    Nowadays one is less likely to find such hosts since late night dead space where these shows use to reside is now filled with infomercials.

    My Podcast Ping’s 13 Days of Halloween has it’s own similar host, but since it’s audio it’s more a play on 50s radio DJs. But I do have something similar to Zacherley’s Dinner With Drac on the last show.

  2. Kuzibah says:

    There is a very active on-line community of Horror Hosts (current and retired.) I am a member of two active yahoo groups for hosts and their fans, and have become friends with a good number of them. They often appear at horror and film conventions.

    Here is the official horror Host Underground website: http://www.horrorhosts.com/

    And thank you, Halloween Haunter, for another wonderful season of podcasts!

  3. drgangrene says:

    Thanks for this podcast and horror host tribute show. Very fun and informative!

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