Bela Lugosi

He created the version of Dracula which has best stood the test of time, but he struggled afterward. The story of this remarkable man is told. We have haunts on Facebook, Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and Google+. Thank you, Tim, for the suggestion of this topic at

Learn more about Bela on the family’s website devoted to him, and Wikipedia.

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Vlad the Impaler

With a moniker like “the Impaler,” you know he wasn’t someone to hang around with. He is said to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This is a pretty intense episode, not for little ones. I would guess this would be appropriate for age 13 and older, but parents should decide for themselves and their children. Comment on, and join us on our Facebook page and Twitter @HalloweenHaunt.

Should you not be too grossed out to want to learn more, Wikipedia has much more information. And it seems old Vlad has a bit of a fan club. Well, at least he has his own website. I wonder if he saw that coming?


“Distant Tension” by Kevin Macleod (

“Hidden Danger B” by Kevin Macleod (

“Ghostpocalypse – 7” by Kevin Macleod (

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Halloween Around the World

Some random facts about how our favorite holiday is celebrated, or not, in other countries. Want more? Did we miss one? Let us know at, on Facebook, or on Twitter@HalloweenHaunt.

Learn more about Halloween around the world herehere, here, and here.

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Contrary to what many people think, Dracula is a fictional character. He was created more recently than you might think, too. Learn all about the King of the Vampires in this latest installment, then let us know what you think at

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