Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde

Victorian London is the scene of one of the most horrific tales of the nineteenth century, one which explores the dual nature of man. By suggestion from wolfemann, we go back to the beginning and trace the history of the two fellows. Tell me your two sides on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, on Facebook, and

More on the book and history of Jekyll/Hyde on

An intellectual essay by Vladimir Nabokov.

Read the whole book.


“Awkward Meeting” and “Interloper” by Kevin McLeod are available at

A bit of “Psy Dreaming” by Combat Caveman (from

“The Mad Scientist” by David Chochoi (from

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Winchester Mystery House

If you had more money than you ever dreamed of, would you build a house for nearly 40 years? You might, if you thought spirits had cursed your family and you were next. Find out about the strangest house in the land, in the Halloween Haunt. If you know of stranger, tell us at You can also find us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and on Facebook.

For more on the Winchester House, go to Wikipedia.

Or, you could go to the Winchester House and see for yourself in real life. They have special flashlight tours, including at this time of year. Tell ’em the Halloween Haunter sent you. UPDATE 8/2011: News of special Halloween “Fright Night” events is coming out. And they have added a “Spirit Sightings” page, which is very creepy. I like it.


“Prayers for the Dying” by Chamber of Sorrows

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“The War of the Worlds” Radio Broadcast

In this special extra-sized edition, we go back 70 years to a simpler, scarier time when people believed it just might be possible aliens from Mars would attack us.  It created quite a stir.  What Halloween hoaxes do you want us to look at?  Let us know at

Also, don’t forget to listen to the episode on Ghosts…. has everything on all forms of WotW.

Wikipedia has a lot of information for you to examine. presents one of our favorite podcasts, The Horror!, which once presented the entire program (this taken from their Orson Welles: On the Air podcast)


“Twilight Realm” by Twilight Productions (from

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Ghosts Part 1

Ghosts and spirits walk the Earth.  Many believe it.  Where do these beliefs come from?  We explore that question in this first section on ghosts. It is a big subject. Tell us about the spirits in your life, and tell us what you want us to focus on in the future, at

Wikipedia has an extensive article on ghosts.

Teachers like ghosts, too.


Tombstone” by Twilight Productions (from

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“The Ghosts’ Moonshine” by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

We return to Mr. Beddoes, again for a sort of love poem.  If you have any poems or stories you would like to share, or if you would like to read a version of the poem yourself (different books changed a word or two, believe it or not), do it at

Music includes:

“Ghosts LoveTheme” by Darius Holbert (from

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“Halloween” the Motion Picture

Thirty years ago, we learned of the poor child grown into a terror named Michael Myers.  In this edition we learn a bit more, perhaps.  Find more information at

Did you know that Michael Myers has an official website?

Did you know that Wikipedia has a lot of information on “Halloween?” Yes, of course you did….

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Top Costumes for 2007

Just in time for 2008, we present the top costumes in the United States for 2007.  What costume are you wearing? Let us know, and find much more about Halloween and the origins of Halloween costumes at

Also, Top 25 costume lists from

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“An Arrest” By Ambrose Bierce

We enjoy a tale from great American writer and all-around great guy Ambrose Bierce, the first such tale from him in the Haunt.  Hopefully it won’t be the last. What stories would you like to hear?  Let us know at

You can read the tale online yourself.

Learn all about Ambrose Bierce and find more works, too, at

More biography is available….


Classic Horror 1” by Kevin Macleod (

Confused State” by Kevin Macleod (

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What exactly are zombies? Undead shambling freaks? Reanimated corpses? Or something else? Let us know your favorite kind of zombie at, where you’ll find much more information. has good articles on zombies and voodoo.

For a philosophical view of zombies check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

A review of Wade Davis’s book about zombies, PASSAGE OF DARKNESS: THE ETHNOBIOLOGY OF THE HAITIAN ZOMBIE. No, it’s a real book. And a real review.

Make sure you’re up-to-date on your zombie survival.

Facebook has a zombie application. (By the way, become a fan on Facebook.)

The How Stuff Works website actually tells you how zombies work.

Look out for the FVZA…the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency.

Marvel Comics have some very popular zombies.

The origin of DC Comics’ own zombie, Solomon Grundy.

You can read the first issue of The Walking Dead online for free.


Rebel” by Twilight Productions (from

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The HMS Ontario

Travel back in time to the American Revolutionary War and relive the Halloween sinking of a British warship.  The tale is not pleasant, but is that really what we are looking for?  Tell me your interest in ghost ships at


You can see what the HMS Ontario looked like.

The HMS Ontario made the news.

A video is also available to see.  Very spooky.


“Escape the Asylum” by Austin Martini (from

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“The Old Ghost,” A Poem by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Thomas Lovell Beddoes had an outlook on life perfect for Halloween.  He was obsessed with death.  Enjoy a bit of culture in the Halloween Haunt, and let us know what poem or story you would like to hear at

Read the poem yourself and learn more about Mr. Beddoes at

The music:

“Remains of the Past” by Grigor Iliev

“Tempest (de havilland vampire)” by the Brothers Femme

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Bobbing for Apples

They are crunchy and many are a delightful blood red color. And they’re the source of endless Halloween fun. Learn where the game bobbing for apples came from and other games you can play with the delicious fruit. Have an apple story? Tell us at


Learn more details about bobbing for apples.

Lots of history is available.

Some music:

The Burning Moon by Derek K. Miller and Simon James

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History of the Ouija Board

The Ouija board is fun to play with, but can you really summon the passed-on with a toy? Find out how old Ouija is, and where it came from. Following up on the classic Ouija Board Story. Tell us your favorite Ouija story at

If you want to learn more about Ouija: has a pretty good summary.

The Museum of Talking Boards also tells you much about your favorite connection with the dead.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Ouija, or one of many other “talking boards” available, click here.


Gargoyle” by Sean Timms (from

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Edgar Allan Poe’s “Spirits of the Dead”

Here is another poem that feels right this time of year, by the inimitable Edgar Allan Poe.  It was published in 1827.  Please let us know what poems and stories you would like to hear at

Read it for yourself here.

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Day of the Dead

Not all of Halloween’s focus is spooky. If you don’t celebrate it, the Day of the Dead may seem macabre, but it’s actually a joyous celebration. As much as I like macabre, you’d think I’d be disgusted, but I’m actually charmed by it. for shownotes, and you can tell us there how you celebrate the Day of the Dead.

Wikipedia has an entry about the Day of the Dead which covers many countries.


“Death by Guillotine” by DJ Daddio

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Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ Poem, “The Phantom-Wooer”

The moon is making me feel romantic, so I present a poem by Thomas Lovell Beddoes entitled, “The Phantom-Wooer.” Full shownotes at, and please let us know if this made you feel romantic.

To find out more about the sad life of Mr. Beddoes, please check the Literary Gothic.

I found this poem in this book.


Gargoyle” by Sean Timms (from

Tempest” by the Brothers Femme

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The Headless Horseman

By request, we look at the story of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman in Sleepy Hollow, as told by Washington Irving. Thank you, Janelly, for the excellent suggestion. Full shownotes at Go there and tell us a story which makes you lose your head.

Read “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving yourself, if you’d like.

Read Washington Irving’s reflections on Sleepy Hollow, written years after the story.

More about Sleepy Hollow:

You can look at their local website, the Chamber of Commerce website, or the site for Sleepy Hollow’s Old Dutch Burying Ground.

Wikipedia’s entries on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and Ichabod Crane.

Find out about Marvel Comics’ Headless Horseman.

Enjoy an audio version of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” starring Kyle Hebert & more.


“Angel of Death” by VTZ/Twilight Productions (from

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Halloween TV

Halloween is a special time, which is why there are so many specials and special episodes on television. Travel with us through the tube of terror, and let us know your favorite Halloween TV at, where you will also find shownotes.


“Gronk Patrol” by Derek K. Miller

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The Ouija Board Story

Fun party game, or gateway to the other side? Ouija boards are a staple of Halloween. We have a true Ouija story for you in this extra-sized episode. Warning: May be too intense for the little ones. Tell us your Ouija story at

Read the story yourself:

The Letter D: D’s True Halloween Story (Warning: this blog is not family friendly)

Some of the music:

“Ghost Story” by Hiroshi (from

“A Ghost in Love” by David Chochoi (from

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Witches Part 2

This time we get away from the ugliness of the general population towards suspected witches and look at real ones and witches from folklore and other fiction. Some of these do have pointy hats and green skin. Shownotes at, where we also would like to find out who your favorite witch is.

For more information:

Wikipedia is a good place to start learning about wicca, and the modern-day witches.

For more on the history of witches in folklore and real life, and go in-depth, check the witches page of


“When All Falls Apart” by Twilight Productions

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Frankenstein’s “Monster”

He is not just a bunch of body parts. He is the original science fiction/horror creation. We delve deep into the history of the Frankenstein monster and his creator, Mary Shelley. Assemble your thoughts and put them on, where you’ll also find full shownotes.

For more on Frankenstein visit:

Wikipedia’s entry about Frankenstein and his monster

A Wikipedia article on the monster’s place in popular culture

You might be interested in a book that goes more deeply into the monster’s place in popular culture. It’s by Susan Tyler Hitchcock, and it’s called Frankenstein: A Cultural History. Here is an interesting review from The Washington Post.


Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata by Classicala

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Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Conqueror Worm”

 Some feel the poem by Mr. Poe speaks to the universal situation of man. We feel it’s another frightening glimpse into a deep, dark mind that only Edgar Allan Poe could really understand. But it’s fun to try. The poem was first published in 1845. We would love for you to worm your way over to, and let us know what you think.

Background music:

“Remains From the Past” by Gregor Iliev (just a little piece–it’s worth listening to the whole piece. You may yet hear the whole thing in the Halloween Haunt)

“Ghost That Still Haunts Me” Demo by Chamber of Sorrows (from the CD Dies Arae)

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Random Halloween Treat Facts

Yummy, yummy in my tummy. What are the most popular Halloween treats? Let’s take a big bite into your favorites and find out all about them. Let us know your favorite Halloween treats at Full shownotes there, too.

Take a bigger bite:

If you’re the helpful type, click here for details about how you can help UNICEF.

More on the number 5 treat.

Bet you didn’t know all of this about the number 4 delicacy.

Number 3 is many people’s favorite. But it’s still number 3.

Number 2 makes me laugh. Oops, no hints.

You can eat heaps of the treat at the top of the heap. But brush your teeth….

Background music:

“If You Only Knew Part I” by Twilight Productions (from

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Witches Part 1

A green face, a pointy hat, warts, that is how we used to see witches. I thought it was a cute look. But their history is much more complicated than that, and we only focus on Europe and America. Full shownotes at


Nocturne by Ekho

To delve further:

Wikipedia focuses on the history of the (real) witch hunt.

Wikipedia examines the Salem witch trials.

If you’re thinking about visiting Salem, you might like this article.

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Nice doggy. The story of werewolves is actually many stories, from all over Europe. Were they ever real? We can only–scratch–the surface in this installment. Howl at us at

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Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ “Dream of Dying”

More poetry, this time from the dark and twisted mind of Thomas Lovell Beddoes, a favorite gothic poet. It makes us feel simply horrible. Please tell us how this poem affects you at

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Contrary to what many people think, Dracula is a fictional character. He was created more recently than you might think, too. Learn all about the King of the Vampires in this latest installment, then let us know what you think at

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We have had bloodsuckers at least as long as we have told stories. Except that many people believe they were more than the subject of stories. Real or not, vampires continue to capture our imagination. Find out more about them, then let us know your own vampire story at

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Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Haunted Palace”

We descend again into the deeply dark mind of Edgar Allan Poe, as he describes “The Haunted Palace” as only he can. Poe’s mind is a twisted place no one should have to go…but we love to dally there voluntarily. Please illuminate your dark mind at

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“The Bells,” A Poem By Edgar Allan Poe

As promised, a creepy, spooky poem from the disturbed mind of Edgar Allan Poe, author of the classic poem, “The Raven.” Please let us know what you think at

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Random Pumpkin Facts

Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! We carve them at Halloween, eat them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and forget about them the rest of the year. That’s not fair. There’s so much to love….

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Jack O’Lantern

Scary faces are popping up on porches everywhere! Why do we carve scary faces into vegetables? And why do we call them “Jack?”

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Those Cute, Scary, Ghoulish Costumes

For as long as most of us have been alive, kids all across America have dressed up in costumes, creepy and cute, for Halloween. Where did this tradition come from?

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Trick or Treat

Why do kids around America, and in some other places in the world now, go around neighborhoods threatening a trick if they don’t get a treat? The answer lies within…the Halloween Haunt.

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Halloween, A Quick History

Why do we celebrate such a creepy holiday as Halloween? Why at the end of October? These and other fascinating questions will be answered….

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