The Ouija Board Story

Fun party game, or gateway to the other side? Ouija boards are a staple of Halloween. We have a true Ouija story for you in this extra-sized episode. Warning: May be too intense for the little ones. Tell us your Ouija story at

Read the story yourself:

The Letter D: D’s True Halloween Story (Warning: this blog is not family friendly)

Some of the music:

“Ghost Story” by Hiroshi (from

“A Ghost in Love” by David Chochoi (from

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12 thoughts on “The Ouija Board Story

  1. Brandon says:

    Hey, Halloween Haunter, really thrilling story this time! My mom would never let me play with Ouija boards, but we have two in the basement somewhere.

  2. Thank you, Brandon. And thanks again to D., who wrote…and lived…the story.

    Your mom wouldn’t let you play with Ouija boards, yet you have two in the basement? What was your mom up to when you went to bed, hmm? Did she have parties where everybody dressed up in black robes, by any chance? Maybe they weren’t playing Bridge….

    Happy Halloween, if that’s your thing.


  3. CK says:

    Pretty close to a ghost story, though be sure to keep it family friendly like you posted you would. Ouija boards are borderline if not over to talk about for my family.

  4. Hello, CK.

    Thank you for your thoughts on the Ouija board story. I understand Ouija boards are controversial in some circles. In other circles, kids grow up with them. I know many people in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s who had much fun with them as children.

    I promise I will do my best to handle subject matter in a family friendly way, but with Halloween, some subjects themselves will cause some people problems. I’m sure there are many who don’t want to encourage their children to eat Halloween candy, so they might not want them to hear the Halloween treats episode.

    I leave it up to the parents.


  5. Mysterious Monica says:

    Dear Halloween Haunter,

    I was compelled to post a comment as I just discovered your podcast and I am absolutely enthralled! Halloween is our favorite day of the year in our household. Thank you for honoring this holiday so beautifully. Listening to your broadcast about the Ouija board brought back a wonderful childhood memory for me as I attended many Halloween parties and have a distinct memory of playing the game “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. We virtually levitated our girlfriends with just our fingers, chanting over and over again, “light as a feather, stiff as a board”. Does this sound familiar to you? We were able to levitate our friend several feet off of the floor with just 4 other girls holding our middle and pointer fingers extended under her back. Very exciting. I remember it feeling other worldly and magical at age 13. I would be interested to hear if this sounds familiar to you. (I grew up in Northern New Jersey.) I absolutely love your voice and the theatrics of your broadcast. Please, don’t change a thing. Thank you Halloween Haunter! I look forward to many more stories to come.
    Happy Halloween!


  6. Hello, Mysterious Monica,

    I am so pleased you enjoyed the story. I hope to one day relate the history of the Ouija board. I have heard of the game “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” and have been suitably creeped out when I’ve observed it in action. It’s very fun. I still don’t know how that one works.

    You say such nice things that I’m blushing. I must go so I can get the color back out of my face. Color doesn’t work on me.

    Happy Halloween….


  7. Tony says:

    That was so awesome! Best episode yet! I know I can trust you with facts because of all the things you’ve said about pumpkins, candy, and folklore, so I know you didn’t make this one up. I’m a bit freaked out by the story, though I do complement you on the “voice of the Ouija board” and the way you told the story with such enthusiasm and awesome sound. I’m guessing you use GarageBand?

    Anyway, my first and only experience with the Ouija Board was when I got it for, oddly enough, Christmas, last year. I was not familiar with the toy at all when I first got it, and my dad and very older brother laughed at me because I actually thought it was worth something. I put away in discomfort and disappointment, and then my friend Mike came over (a Special Education student who was held back a year with a short attention span) and asked what I got for Christmas. I told and showed him everything except the board, and he saw the Ouija Board, so I told him I doubted it would work, and since it was our first time trying it, I said to wait till sundown (it was a glow-in-the dark version). ~~~ He sat down on the carpet with me and we tried it out. We put the thing on our knees and since we didn’t know what to ask, we looked at the box. It said many teenagers used it to see if people liked them. Mike had a crush on a girl named Heidi, so we asked it if she liked him. It slowly went to the top-left area labeled “Yes”. Now, Mike has always been mysterious in the sense the he doesn’t communicate well with me, and maybe others. I kept asking him if he was doing it but he didn’t answer, and when he did, he was mumbling. I didn’t know what moved it at first, so I kept trying with something I knew Mike didn’t know because he didn’t know the girl that I liked. “Does Maura like me?” I asked. “N” “O” I found out the next year that it was right. Mike’s turn. He asked, “Do you know what tomorrow is?” Slowly as physically possible, it said “N E W Y E A R S”. I didn’t think Mike was that creative, so I got freaked out and didn’t want to continue, so I told him, or lied to him, “I’m bored. That took too long. Let’s do something else,” Apparently he was intrigued, because weekly, he kept asking to play it again until February. I said, “It’s boring” and he simply went along because, again, not the best communication skills. Ever since I have kept it at thee bottom of my game box, and I never told my dad or my brother about it. I might break it out at this year’s party when Mike leaves, but I know I’ll hesitate.

    Please post this as a future episode, as I spent a lot of time typing it, and would be deeply honored if you did. Don’t forget to check out the website for my party and yard haunt of this year:

    Can’t wait for Halloween Haunt – Season 3!

  8. Hello, Tony.

    Thank you for the kind words about this episode. I cannot account for the veracity of the story, nor take credit, because “The Letter D” wrote it. You can read the original if you click on the link at the top…but be aware that it is not family friendly.

    Thank you also for the story. It’s very interesting. Ouija boards are interesting, aren’t they? This year, I plan to explain where the Ouija board came from.

    I’m afraid you will have to wait for Halloween Haunt, Season 3. But it won’t be long now….


  9. WilkoRoger says:

    Scary stuff, i’m fascinated by them, but terrified also, will probably never have the guts to use a real one, but what about online Ouija boards. Do they / could they work?

    My thoughts are that they’re probably just computer games, but then many people also consider the physical boards to be nothing more than a game… ?

    • Hello, WilkoRoger,

      I hadn’t considered online Ouija boards. It would seem they are just computer games. There is no hard evidence I’m aware of that Ouija boards were really anything but entertainment devices, possibly used by folks trying to cash in on the supernatural craze of the 19th century. But it’s also possible that, in the right hands, the Ouija boards could be used as vessels to communicate with the other side. So, I suppose a computer game could be similarly influenced…?

      Thank you for your food for thought. I am sated for the moment.


  10. sharpy 10 says:

    cooooool story. boring step moother won’t let me play with it cous she sed it’s toooooooooo dangerous. all i say to her is dangerous my ass i can play it if i want . you have to tell us wat type of bord it is iv got a trendy lol 🙂

    • Sharpy,

      The Ouija board is a controversial item, and this reading of the Ouija Board Story may be the most controversial Haunt episode done…. I must confess I do not know what board was used. I presume it was the standard Parker Brothers model…. I want to reiterate I did not write or experience the events in the story, and encourage you to click on the Letter D’s link for more information….


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