It’s a podcast. Click here to find out how to listen

What’s a podcast you ask? In this case, it’s an audio presentation the likes of which you’ve never heard before. It’s easy to listen, just click on the link in the post and that will automatically download the mp3 file which you can listen to on your device or load onto your mobile phone or whatever you listen to audio with. If you like it, subscribe on Apple Podcasts or another podcast app. Links easy to find on the main page. Here is the RSS feed link.

51 thoughts on “It’s a podcast. Click here to find out how to listen

  1. hi i downloaded the podcast it is a thrilling sound!!!

  2. Thank you, James. I was thrilled to present it to you. Happy Halloween!

  3. CK says:

    Thank you for keeping this podcast free! Halloween season is in need of Halloween music, and this adds to the mix!

    I mentioned it before, but here it is again, one thought to ya’ll is to tell short ghost stories too, I try to take some of these and add them to my own halloween mix and short ghost stories whould add to it.

  4. Thank you for listening, CK.

    I am happy to provide links to the great Halloween music when I can, and I encourage you to purchase their music whenever possible to encourage them to make more….


  5. Chistine says:

    Thanks fo the great pod-cats’!
    Oh my God the speaker have a lovely voice! :$

    Thanks from here!
    K Chris (: ❤

  6. Wow, K Chris, thank YOU for the comments. I would be blushing, If I could get any color in my cheeks….


  7. Chistine says:

    I Relly Love Halloween Haunt. And as i can see there is other (smart) people how also do! 😀
    Sorry if my english is bad, i dont speak english at home or some thing like that! :/
    (From Denmark!) But Thank you agin! Gonna tell all my freind (how have a Ipod, about your Podcasts! 🙂

    And You relly have a nice voice.!!
    -Christine Ö

  8. Christine,

    Thank you again. Feel free to spread the word. We love to have as many haunters as we can…dig up….


  9. Wilsyo98 says:

    Dude, this is an awesome podcast! I love Halloween and all things related. Keep it up!

    ( P.S. for some reason, I can only get 1 of ur ‘cast’s @ a time. Any advice? ( The voice is strange and kinda lame, is there a chance that u’ll change it soon? Just a comment))

  10. Thank you for the kind words, Wilsyo98. I love Halloween, too, and plan to keep it up.

    I’m not sure what the problem with your podcatcher is. My episodes behave correctly in my copy of iTunes.

    I’m sorry you don’t like my voice…it’s the only one I have. But thank you for tempering the criticism with the word “strange.” That was very kind. I’ve always thought I was a bit strange, but I didn’t want to be conceited.


  11. SillyPumpkin says:

    I finally decided after having an i-pod for two years to try out podcasts. Luckily for me, yours was the first I listened to. I think it is absolutely wonderful and is a great way to get into the spirit of my favorite time of year!

  12. Hello, Silly.

    Wow, I’m honored to be your first podcast. This is my favorite time of year, as well. Please stay subscribed; I am working on some very interesting topics, and looking for more spooky stories and poetry.

    If you have any suggestions, I wouldn’t think it was silly….


  13. SillyPumpkin says:

    I was wondering what your favorite scary movie is. Mine has to be Halloween the original 1978 release( the new one is good, but a little too gory for me). So after all your haunting is done on the spookiest night of the year, what do sit back and relax to? Also, it would be interesting to see the top 5 Halloweeniest (scarey or not) on your podcast.
    (if thats not veering away from your format too much).

  14. The Halloween Haunter says:

    Hi, SillyPumpkin,

    I enjoy the movie Halloween, and will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release this year on the Halloween Haunt. Can you believe it’s been 30 years?

    I have to admit, though, I find color movies to be less enthralling than black and white. I like to relax with the original Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. The 1931 Dracula is another of my favorites.

    And I must admit I have a soft spot for what I consider to be one of the worst horror movies I’ve ever seen…a little classic called Suspiria. Interestingly, Suspiria was one of John Carpenter’s major inspirations for Halloween. Hmmmm….

    I have done a top 5 list of Halloween candy, so your idea isn’t outside the realm of possibility. I have another Top 5 in mind this year, though….

    One last note–thank you so much for your review on iTunes. I really appreciate it….


  15. The Halloween Haunter says:

    Hello, Scary Christine,

    Two Halloweens, eh? I like the way you think. But sometimes things are sweeter when we have to wait for them.

    I am working on at least starting a Facebook group, if not a page. I hope to have it ready by October. There is so much to do in the Haunt.

    I, too, am a fan of the Ouija Board Story. The Letter D. did a great job relating it. We will look at the history of the Ouija board this year in the Haunt.

    I’m glad you’re here.


  16. Christine says:

    Why are there soo long time betvine Halloween. I think we should have 2 every year!
    But anyway, love you podcast. It’s awsome!
    And does you (The Halloween Haunter) have a facebook or somthing like that?

    The Ouija Board Story is great! Love it.
    Best wishes Christine the scary girl from Denmark =)

  17. Chistine says:

    It’s a little sad, that halloween is over, and christmas is over us now! I really enjoyed this season off podcast! They are all great! (:

    And i know it long time ago you added it, but The Quija boardstory is fabulous, and well told! I mean, i really got scared one day on work. I was all alone, hearing the story, and then i heard a strange noise.!
    Freaky! 😉

    (next year, you can make a cast about the boogeyman like Freddy Krueger. A nightmare is a great thing to have sometimes )
    -Christine from Denmark

  18. Hi, Christine,

    Thank you for sticking around this year and for your very kind words. I actually became frightened relating the story…. It is very well written.

    I will certainly get around to Mr. Krueger sometime…you are correct. Everybody needs a good nightmare from time to time.


  19. Brorgolvehhlv says: – great domain name for blog like this)))

  20. The best thing to do is to add my Feedburner feed: This will give you the latest episodes. You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes or your favorite aggregater from there.

    Thanks for listening….


  21. Skylet says:

    Great podcast, love to listen to it, can’t wait to hear more of them. I just wish they were longer, I could listen to them for hours

    • Thank you Skyler…. There are many episodes, at least an hour’s worth (I haven’t added them up…)…. Always leave ’em wanting more, I always say….

      More, by the way, is on the way this Halloween….


  22. skyler says:

    hey i was just thinking maybe you could add more poe, maybe the raven. i like that one.

    • Hello, Skyler….

      I, too, am a fan of Mr. Poe, and of “The Raven….” Up to now, I’ve put it off because to do it justice, it will be a very long edition of The Haunt…. But I believe it may be time….

      Thank you for the excellent suggestion….


  23. skyler says:

    i have a anthother topic you could talk about maybe more ghostships like, the Flying Dutchman, The mary Celeste, or some halloween quotes.

  24. skyler says:

    maybe something on Vincent price or Alfred Hitchcock

    • Skyler,

      Thank you for your excellent suggestions…. I will point you towards the Halloween Haunt October 10 edition, all about the ghost ship the H.M.S. Ontario…. I continue to look for information about others, and I will certainly try to find information on your suggestions….

      Halloween quotes…that’s something I hadn’t considered before…. There may just be something there…. I will explore it…. Thank you again….


  25. SillyPumpkin says:

    I was just wondering when your first podcast of ’09 might be available…poke..poke. Yours is my favorite of all and I cant wait to see what you do this year.

    • Aw, SillyPumpkin, aren’t you sweet (and just a little pushy…!)….

      New episodes should arrive right on time…and the all-new, all-exciting promo will be a tad early, actually….

      Thank you so much for all of your support….


  26. skyler says:

    Just listened to the promo 09, and I can’t wait until October 1st to see what you dig up this year for Halloween. boohahaha

  27. Skyler says:

    It’s almost here ………………………

  28. Skyler says:

    Wonderful podcast to start the Halloween season off. I always liked the Winchester mystery house history. I too believe that there’s something strange going on in that house, wish I could visit it.

  29. Great Podcast. I am so glad people are starting to get into the season! I will definitely feature this podcast on my radio show.


  30. Skyler says:

    Another great halloweenhaunt season. Loved all the episodes you did can’t wait until next Halloween to see what you dig up. Have a happy Halloween.

  31. Skyler says:

    364 days left : )

  32. Christine says:

    Hi there on HalloweenHaunter!
    I know we are only in april, but I really can’t wait for the new episodes in october.
    I hope you all had a great easter, and are getting ready to get goosebumps with the Hunter! I just found a piece of halloween candy with all the eggs. Mysterious?
    Christine From Denmark.

    • Christine,

      How delightful to hear from you…. It makes the bright, sunny days of spring much easier to bear…. We are almost halfway through the year to Halloween, so I need to begin to consider what we will discuss this year….

      I’m afraid you have me at a loss…I don’t know what the Hunter is…. Could you enlighten me…?

      I’m happy to hear you found at least a little Halloween solace in the midst of all the chocolate renewal of Easter….


      • Christine says:

        Well, I see you like a hunter for the good deed of halloweens spookiness.
        Some men are hunting vampires, some are hunting a good story and scary poems.
        I hope I not just fumbling over words now. Or dark. So I hope you get my idea good HH.


      • Christine,

        My, that was quick…and aren’t you sweet…. You are correct, I am a connoisseur of the creepy…. And I certainly am on the hunt for good stories and poems….

        Thank you so much for being a loyal friend, you have made my night….


      • Christine says:

        I not even dark here, so are sitting and listening to some old episodes.
        And thank you, I am still a big, big fan of yours ^^

      • Thank you, Christine…. Please return anytime you need some darkness….

  33. skyler says:

    just sitting here listening to old halloween haunts can’t wait untill halloween for new episodes.

  34. Thank you, Skyler…. We are nearly half way between last Halloween and next Halloween…..


  35. Ken says:

    I just found your podcast-(I Know late to the party)
    Great stuff!I downloaded all of them to my ipod.
    Looking forward to new ones

    • Ken,

      Welcome to the Haunt. Better late than never. I have good news. If you just arrived in the last few weeks, there are more episodes to enjoy. Be sure to keep checking back. They should return in the next week or so. New episodes will be revealed in October.

      Thank you for your kind words.


      Thank you

  36. zaphodbblx says:

    hey Haunter all all the episodes still in the feed? if not is there any way to get at the ones that aren’t?

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