“The Bells,” A Poem By Edgar Allan Poe

As promised, a creepy, spooky poem from the disturbed mind of Edgar Allan Poe, author of the classic poem, “The Raven.” Please let us know what you think at halloweenhaunt.wordpress.com.

Click here to download the show.

4 thoughts on ““The Bells,” A Poem By Edgar Allan Poe

  1. Gideon Raveshaw says:

    Dear Mr. Haunter

    By far this is my most favorite poem. Also Thomas and Edger are my favoite poets. Oh and i never knew you ran a day spa… interesting. me, i hate to go outside during the daytime. i have a question, of all the horror movies which 5 monsters would you like to see in the same movie?

    Respectfully yours,
    Gideon Raveshaw

  2. Dear Mr. Raveshaw,

    I’m glad you enjoyed The Bells. More Poe poetry is coming, and I will look into further broadening our offerings.

    As to going outside during the day…don’t worry, my spa has plenty of…shade.

    That is an interesting question. Five monsters in one movie is a lot, although Frankenstein’s “monster,” the Wolfman and Dracula all appeared in that Abbot and Costello movie. I think if you were to add Freddy Krueger and Jason in that mix (minus the comedians), you could have a very interesting stew.

    I hope you return this Halloween. We’ll have more spooky fun. Thanks for writing.


  3. janie says:

    Dear Mr. Haunter,
    I thank you for the morning chill. I thank you for preparing me mentally for the GREATEST day of the year!
    I’m asking permission to play this for the goblins as they come to my door expecting candy. They’ll be surprised because I only give out frights. Yours is going to help me with my evil plot.

    • Dear Janie,

      You are most welcome, I’m glad I could help….

      Thank you for asking for permission…you are welcome to creep the young ones out with The Halloween Haunt, but it seems wrong to simply trick the trick or treaters…perhaps you could mildly scare them and then treat them…? Just a thought….


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