Top Costumes for 2007

Just in time for 2008, we present the top costumes in the United States for 2007.  What costume are you wearing? Let us know, and find much more about Halloween and the origins of Halloween costumes at

Also, Top 25 costume lists from

Click here to download the show.

2 thoughts on “Top Costumes for 2007

  1. Brandon says:

    I want to mention that just because men’s costumes don’t rank much in either of the top 5 lists doesn’t necessarily mean that men aren’t dressing up. It just means that women are copycats! Perhaps the men have more variety in their costume choices, which results in a lower tally for each of those costumes. For just one night in the year, it seems that women aren’t concerned that they’re wearing the same thing as someone else.

  2. Brandon,

    You make an interesting point…it is possible there is more variety in men’s costumes than women. That would probably a first, though, don’t you think? The one night in the year that men’s clothes have more variety than women….


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