What exactly are zombies? Undead shambling freaks? Reanimated corpses? Or something else? Let us know your favorite kind of zombie at HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com, where you’ll find much more information.

Wikipedia.com has good articles on zombies and voodoo.

For a philosophical view of zombies check the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

A review of Wade Davis’s book about zombies, PASSAGE OF DARKNESS: THE ETHNOBIOLOGY OF THE HAITIAN ZOMBIE. No, it’s a real book. And a real review.

Make sure you’re up-to-date on your zombie survival.

Facebook has a zombie application. (By the way, become a fan on Facebook.)

The How Stuff Works website actually tells you how zombies work.

Look out for the FVZA…the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency.

Marvel Comics have some very popular zombies.

The origin of DC Comics’ own zombie, Solomon Grundy.

You can read the first issue of The Walking Dead online for free.


Rebel” by Twilight Productions (from Soundclick.com)

Click here to download the show.