“The War of the Worlds” Radio Broadcast

In this special extra-sized edition, we go back 70 years to a simpler, scarier time when people believed it just might be possible aliens from Mars would attack us.  It created quite a stir.  What Halloween hoaxes do you want us to look at?  Let us know at HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com.

Also, don’t forget to listen to the episode on Ghosts….

War-of-the-Worlds.org has everything on all forms of WotW.

Wikipedia has a lot of information for you to examine.

RelicRadio.org presents one of our favorite podcasts, The Horror!, which once presented the entire program (this taken from their Orson Welles: On the Air podcast)


“Twilight Realm” by Twilight Productions (from Soundclick.com)

Click here to download the show.

7 thoughts on ““The War of the Worlds” Radio Broadcast

  1. Brian Hunt says:

    Just to add a little on the subject…The recent cable tv version of “War of the Worlds” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449040/) featured a still shot of my towns(North Adams,MA) main street being blown up(well melted)! its the same Picture Brian Keene used for the cover of his book “The Conqueror Worms” if you’d like to see it heres a link! http://creature-corner.com/nextraimages/keeneworms.jpg
    it was covered in my local newspaper but the archive is a pay for play affair
    perhaps you might mention it next year?

  2. Hello, Brian,

    Thank you for your additional information. Funny coincidence that the “War of the Worlds” movie you refer to has a shot that’s also on the book “The Conquerer Worms” and Thomas Lovell Beddoes’ poem “The Conquerer Worm” was featured in the Halloween Haunt along with another “War of the Worlds.” Hmmm…now that I see it in print, it’s not such a funny coincidence.

    I don’t think I’ll be covering this again next year, but your comment is saved for posterity on the website. I love North Adams, by the way…you have lovely cemeteries.


  3. Brian Hunt says:

    Next time your haunting the area give me yell

  4. Brian, Brian, Brian…

    You know I don’t yell….

    But I’ll try to let you know.


  5. Alyssa says:

    It’s amazing how one radio broadcast could frighten so many people. When you have a gullible audience in that day and age, you ask for world wide panic like what really happened with War of the Worlds

    • Alyssa,

      You could argue that today’s audiences can be just as gullible; perhaps not about aliens, but about other things. Broadcasting was still new in 1938, and they really didn’t know what would happen. They probably didn’t even think about people tuning in after the beginning of the program.


  6. Alyssa says:

    People now believe in the end of the world more than aliens and such. I don’t blame anyone back in 1938 because War of the Worlds is something that was unheard of back then.

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