The Dybbuk

Uh-oh, another thing to look out for. Maybe a ghost, maybe a demon.  Find us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, on Facebook, and Google+. Find all the episodes and more at

Learn more about the Dybbuk, the play “The Dybbuk,” and the Dybbuk Box from Wikipedia. See the 1937 film “The Dybbuk,” based on the play, on YouTube. 


“Tabuk” and “Private Reflection” by Kevin Macleod (

“The Carrion Waltz (instrumental for English Horn)” by Adam John Prawlocki (from

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The Charlie Charlie Challenge

Excuse me…do you have a pencil? Or two? Have you played? Tell us at Join us on Facebook, on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, and Google+.

Learn about Bloody Mary at Find out more about bobbing for apples at Info about the Slender Man is at Get the history of the Ouija board at And hear a spine-tingling story about an encounter with the Ouija board at

Live Science will tell you more about the Charlie Charlie Challenge. Time magazine will fill in some blanks. And the Washington Post claims to have the “complete, true story” of the Charlie Charlie Challenge.


“Chased” by Sam Haynes from “Horror and Halloween” (Find all of Sam’s currently available music here)

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The Bell Witch Cave

A witch story and ghost story in one. Perfect. Find all the episodes at Make sure you join us on Facebook, on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, and Google+.

Learn more from the official website of the Bell Witch Cave, the Bell Witch Website (unofficial?), and Wikipedia will tell you about both the Bell Witch and the Bell Witch Cave.


“Tombstone” by Twilight Productions

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The Girl at the Underpass

Emma on Facebook suggested we look at the classic North Carolina legend of the ghostly girl. Is it really a North Carolina legend? Tell me about your legends at Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and circle our Google+ page.

Read a version of the story from the NC Secretary of State’s page. Also an “investigation of actual events”  And an interesting examination of the origins of the legend.


“Misery” and “Something Comes Orchestral extended version” by Six-Nail-Coffin (Adam John Prawlocki) (from

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La Llorona

The story of the famous Latin American ghost who’s doomed to wander the world in search of her children.  Tell me if you’ve seen her at Circle the Haunt on Google+, follow the Haunt on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, and (sigh) like us on Facebook.

Learn more about La Llorona from, an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Texas State Historical Association, and a surprisingly sparse Wikipedia article.


“Unpromised,” “Tea Roots,” “Bent and Broken,” “Gnarled Situation,” “Zombie Chase,” all by Kevin MacLeod (

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“The Old Ghost,” A Poem by Thomas Lovell Beddoes

Thomas Lovell Beddoes had an outlook on life perfect for Halloween.  He was obsessed with death.  Enjoy a bit of culture in the Halloween Haunt, and let us know what poem or story you would like to hear at

Read the poem yourself and learn more about Mr. Beddoes at

The music:

“Remains of the Past” by Grigor Iliev

“Tempest (de havilland vampire)” by the Brothers Femme

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