Waverly Hills Sanitorium

When folks in Kentucky had certain health issues, they went to Waverly Hills. Poor folks. The staff was doing the best they could. Some of the folks seem to have stuck around in the afterlife. Join our Facebook page, and on Twitter at @HalloweenHaunt. Learn about more haunted places…where else? TheHalloweenHaunt.com.

Find out more about Waverly Hills from American Hauntings, Wikipedia, and the Waverly Hills website itself (yes, you , too can visit).


“Return of the Boogeyman” by Sam Haynes from “Something Wicked–Halloween and Horror Music for Halloween 2016”

“Ghost House (Haunt MIx) by Sam Haynes from “Halloween 2017 – Pumpkin On Your Stereo – Electro Haunt Music – EDM Halloween Music

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Urban Legends

For Robin on Facebook, we discuss the stories which arise seemingly from nowhere. Follow us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. “Like” our Facebook page. Everything, including all of the episodes, are at TheHalloweenHaunt.com.

Believe it or not, you can find more urban legends at Cosmopolitan.com. And learn more about urban legends from Wikipedia.


Colossus” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

Bonus music:

“On Halloween” by The Taters from the album “DON’T SCREAM! Songs to Keep You Up at Night!

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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“At Old Man Eckert’s” by Ambrose Bierce

A story of a house that is…haunted? A gateway to another, horrible dimension? Something nice like that.  Join the Facebook party, and the Twitter freakfest @HalloweenHaunt. Find more stories by Bierce and more at TheHalloweenHaunt.com.

Classic Reader will allow you to read along, if you like.


“Remains from the Past” by Grigor Iliev (from Soundclick.com)

“Something Wicked This Way Comes” by Sam Haynes from “Something Wicked–Halloween and Horror Music for Halloween 2016”

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The Slender Man

One of the oldest legends…or one of the newest? Could he be real? Tell me what you think at TheHalloweenHaunt.com. Join us all year on Facebook, Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and Google+.

Wikipedia has much on the Slender Man. KnowYourMeme  speculates on precursors. The Slender Man has his own wiki. The CreepyPasta wiki has a Slender Man section.


“Not as it Seems” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

“Slow Ticking Clock” by Kevin Macleod (freepd.com)

“Hellfire Club” by Tony Longworth from “Halloween Home Haunts (Original Soundtrack)”
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“Aftermath” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

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“One Summer Night” by Ambrose Bierce

Don’t let the season mentioned in the title fool you; this is no beach romp. You’ll find more stories and poems at TheHalloweenHaunt.com.  If you’d like more Halloween, join me on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt , Google+ and Facebook.

One note–I edited the story a bit, to remove what I felt were unflattering ethnic stereotypes.

Read the original story.


“Industrial Music Box,” “Dopplerette” and “Moonlight Hall” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

“Retreat Down the Long Haul” by euphoreador (from MacJams.com)

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The Highgate Vampire

It’s a creepy cemetery that’s well over a hundred years old. It must be haunted or have some kind of monster, right? William (@Midnight_Circle) on Twitter suggested the topic. I post often on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. Here is where I am on Google+. And of course Facebook. Tell us your urban legend at TheHalloweenHaunt.com.

Wikipedia has much of the sordid story, as well as a straight history of the cemetery.

About.com has a few of the anecdotes I decided not to share.

He is now Bishop Seán Manchester and he has a blog. At least I think he does; in fact, he seems to have several. Here is another recent one.

David Farrant is a psychic investigator and he has a website.


“Midnight Meeting” by Kevin McLeod (from Incompetech.com)

“Night Caller” and “The Other Side (remix)” by Sam Haynes from “Spine Chillers–Horror music for Halloween”

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“The Haunted Oak” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Perhaps the most disturbing poem ever presented in the Halloween Haunt, it unsettles on several levels. Find more stories and poems at  TheHalloweenHaunt.com. Like the Halloween Haunt on Facebook, follow me on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, and put me in a Google+ circle.

Read the poem for yourself at ThingsThatGoBoo.


“Measured Paces,” “Despair and Triumph,” and “Interloper” by Kevin McLeod (from Incompetech.com).

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The Houghton Mansion

By request from Brian on TheHalloweenHaunt.com: A tragic story leads to a haunting–maybe. The creepy details herein. Find more Halloween info  on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, you’ll find me on  Facebook and Google+ as well. Please inform us of your haunting experiences at TheHalloweenHaunt.com.

Learn more about the mansion and its tragic story on Wikipedia. The Travel Channel has an article and a video.

There is a Facebook page for the Houghton Mansion Ghost Tours.


“She Wore Black” by Garni (from MacJams.com)

“Insane” by David Chochoi (from SoundClick.com)

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Annabelle the Doll

Our friend Zach on Facebook suggested I look into Annabelle the Doll, since I talked about Robert a few years ago. Since I started this season with a movie doll, I figured why not end with one? Except this movie doll is real. If you have any real-life horror (or just spookiness) you would like me to share with the world, there are many ways to tell me. You could make like Zach and use our Facebook page, or Twitter @HalloweenHaunt or our Google+ page. And of course HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com, where you can find all of the episodes.

The New England Society for Psychic Research is the Warrens’ organization, with a page devoted to Annabelle. The Warrens’ Occult Museum has its own Facebook page, too.


“Witching Hour,” “All Hallows,” “Doll House,” and “Seance” by Sam Haynes from the album “Welcome to the Horror Show”
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The Girl at the Underpass

Emma on Facebook suggested we look at the classic North Carolina legend of the ghostly girl. Is it really a North Carolina legend? Tell me about your legends at HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com. Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and circle our Google+ page.

Read a version of the story from the NC Secretary of State’s page. Also an “investigation of actual events”  And an interesting examination of the origins of the legend.


“Misery” and “Something Comes Orchestral extended version” by Six-Nail-Coffin (Adam John Prawlocki) (from MacJams.com)

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La Llorona

The story of the famous Latin American ghost who’s doomed to wander the world in search of her children.  Tell me if you’ve seen her at HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com. Circle the Haunt on Google+, follow the Haunt on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, and (sigh) like us on Facebook.

Learn more about La Llorona from LegendsofAmerica.com, an article from the San Francisco Chronicle, the Texas State Historical Association, and a surprisingly sparse Wikipedia article.


“Unpromised,” “Tea Roots,” “Bent and Broken,” “Gnarled Situation,” “Zombie Chase,” all by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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A Spooky Story of a Boy and His Dog

Something different this time in the Haunt: An original tale never before heard. This one is especially friendly for littler ones who don’t get too scared. Share your story at  HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com. Visit our satellite haunts on Google+, Facebook and Twitter @HalloweenHaunt.


“Dark Walk,” “Colossus,” and “Distant Tension,” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

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Bloody Mary

Cute children’s game, or doorway to the unknown? Or both? Learn about Bloody Mary, a topic suggested by listener Danny Kidwell. Tell us your favorite spooky game at HalloweenHaunt.wordpress.com, on Facebook, or on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt.

Learn more about Bloody Mary from Wikipedia, About.com, Snopes, and Scary for Kids.


“Darkest Child var A” by Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)

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