Mercy the Real-Life (?) Vampire

Learn the truly disturbing tale of a family in crisis and a suspicious populace who thought vampirism might be afoot. If you know of other horrific true-life tales, please share at, on our Facebook page, or  Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. tells the story as well. Or you can read Rhode Island Monthly‘s account. Haven’t had enough? The Vampire Project also explains. What, more? Really? By Light Unseen has an extensive article about the New England vampire phenomenon. A newspaper story about it. And of course Wikipedia has more details about poor Mercy and her family.

Did you know they sold vampire hunting kits in the 19th century? And they weren’t even kidding.


“Dark Walk” by Kevin Macleod (

“Misery” by Six-Nail-Coffin (Adam John Prawlocki) (from

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