The Story of Interview with the Vampire

It reinvigorated our love of vampires, and has quite the backstory. Be socially active with us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt, on Facebook, and Google+. Find all the episodes at

Wikipedia will tell you much more about the novelthe film, and Ms. Rice herself. Trivia about the film that may be true at IMDb. Find out what Ms. Rice is up to these days at her website.


“Echoes of Time v2” by Kevin Macleod (

Click here to download the show.

10 thoughts on “The Story of Interview with the Vampire

  1. Alyssa says:

    This is my favorite vampire novel series! Thank you for making my day (especially on a rainy day in the far North of the U.S. of A)

  2. andy tepper says:

    Another novel to look into, specifically a vampyre one, would be Varney the Vampire or the Feast of Blood. This is generally recognized as the first Vampire novel, and it is huge (originally done as short stories or Penny Dreadfuls).

  3. Alyssa Black says:

    Recently I just discovered a vampire film (and its source novel that I will be reading soon) within the “cult classic” radar. It’s called “The Hunger” starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie as two vampires living in New York, but when Bowie’s vampire begins to age rapidly, Deneuve’s character begins her search for a new partner; leading her to a researcher played by Susan Sarandon. Maybe this could be an idea for a future episode?

    • Alyssa,

      Thank you for reminding me of that lovely film. I enjoyed it as well. I will put it on the list. You never know.


      • Alyssa Black says:

        I was just floored by the simplicity of the narrative, but it’s so gripping. Given I’m a dedicated David Bowie fan, I was sold. Even looking into the tidbits behind the making was pretty fascinating.

  4. Alyssa Black says:

    Maybe this year, “Pet Sematary” could be covered since its the 35th anniversary of its publication. Plus its origins are truly bizarre as events from Stephen King’s life influenced such disturbing material

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