That Horrifying House in Amityville, NY

How could so much happen in one house in a lovely hamlet on Long Island, NY? Some houses have all the luck. Learn both scary stories, which are terrifyingly true in the latest episode. More is always at And join us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and on Facebook. will tell you all about the murders and the haunting.

The Amityville Murders have an “official” website. I wonder who certified it? It does have a lot of information.

Wikipedia has information about the book The Amityville Horror, as well as Ronald DeFeo, Jr., the convicted killer of his family.


“Dopplerette” by Kevin Macleod (

“Tomb of Terror!” by Hollywood Haunts from “Halloween Demons And Vampires”  (INTROSOUND)
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“Right Behind You” by Kevin Macleod (

“The House of Leaves” by Kevin Macleod (

“Insane” by David Chochoi (from

“Noise Attack” by Kevin Macleod (

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Ghosts Part 2

What are ghosts? What are they made of? We explore these questions and more. Tell us what you think at, also at Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and Facebook. has quite the paranormal section where they discuss ghosts. has studied what ghosts are made of.


“Land of the Dead” by Kevin Macleod (

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Winchester Mystery House

If you had more money than you ever dreamed of, would you build a house for nearly 40 years? You might, if you thought spirits had cursed your family and you were next. Find out about the strangest house in the land, in the Halloween Haunt. If you know of stranger, tell us at You can also find us on Twitter @HalloweenHaunt and on Facebook.

For more on the Winchester House, go to Wikipedia.

Or, you could go to the Winchester House and see for yourself in real life. They have special flashlight tours, including at this time of year. Tell ’em the Halloween Haunter sent you. UPDATE 8/2011: News of special Halloween “Fright Night” events is coming out. And they have added a “Spirit Sightings” page, which is very creepy. I like it.


“Prayers for the Dying” by Chamber of Sorrows

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Ghosts Part 1

Ghosts and spirits walk the Earth.  Many believe it.  Where do these beliefs come from?  We explore that question in this first section on ghosts. It is a big subject. Tell us about the spirits in your life, and tell us what you want us to focus on in the future, at

Wikipedia has an extensive article on ghosts.

Teachers like ghosts, too.


Tombstone” by Twilight Productions (from

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