Lizzie Borden

October 22, 2010 at 12:05 am (Episode, Halloween, Holiday, Podcast) (, , , , , , )

Poor Lizzie Borden is still thought of as a parent murderer…but was she? And are there any ghosts in her story? What about yours? Twitter @HalloweenHaunt. And Facebook. Thank you, Tim and Kayleigh, for the suggestion.

TruTV has a detailed history. tells the story as well.

There is a virtual museum dedicated to Lizzie Andrew Borden.

Wikipedia‘s article is here.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law goes into the trial in-depth.

Want to stay in the Borden family house? You can.


“Sound of the Fury” by Erik Scott Johnston

Click here to download the show.

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  1. PJN said,

    Love the podcast … love the ambiance

    One question:

    What is the song in the background of each intro? I am dying to know ;)

  2. Alyssa said,

    I actually watched a program around late last year on Lizzie Borden and the murders. The two detectives/investigators did in fact find the murder weapon (or what’s left of it) and have conclusively proven that Lizzie did murder Abby and Andrew.

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